The Lightning Process.
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 at 9:04PM

This is a remarkable training programme that clients say has had a profound effect on M.E, even though we cannot guarantee results as every individual is different, however we have had considerable success in helping people with these and other issues.

To access ITV programe about the Lightning Process 10th May 2011 Lorraine on Breakfast follow this link:

 Many children who were ill and unable to attend school when they did the Lightnng Process with Linda at Swallows in recent years are now at university and gaining their degrees.  Others are living interesting lives involved in their chosen careers.

The Lightning Process is the brainchild of Phil Parker, osteopath and head of the European College of Holistic Medicine in North London.

Quite simply the Lightning Process takes training and dedication from your L.P
Practitioner and serious intent and commitment from the person with M.E, M.S, CFS, fatigue, depression, Fibromyalgia and other issues.

The programme is run over three days.

Linda Morgan 
Advanced Lightning Process for ME Practitioner.

Originally a professional rider and instructor, Linda contracted glandular fever and then M.E. at the age of 18.
After years bed-bound, she eventually reinvented herself as a Sales Manager in the hotel industry.
She opened her own conference agency, Clearway International, in 1978 and this became CAL Communications,
specialising in the concept, stage production and organisation of major events worldwide.

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