Hannahs experience of the Lightning Process
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 at 8:28PM

Patient from Sussex County Hospital and Hurstwood Park Hospital was released for 3 days to do the Lightning Process at Swallows Retreat with Advanced Practitioner Linda Morgan.

"On Day 1 Hannah was wheelchair - bound and unable to move - even my arms - water had to be put in my mouth by my Mother.
On Day 2 I was still unable to stand unaided. On Day 3 of the Lightning Process I walked in from my parents' car and round the garden and was able to swim for several lengths in Swallows swimming pool. To celebrate, my parents took me out on holiday to the Algarve two days later where I was able to enjoy a happy healthy holiday. I am now living a normal and very happy life with her family and friends and working full time."

Article originally appeared on ME Research, Lightning Process Practitioners, Phil Parker Lightning Process, UK (http://www.swallowsretreatanswersme.co.uk/).
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